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Click on the title of the job for more information about what is expected for that job. 

Character Sketcher:  Your job is to complete a character sketch for Judy or Stink.

Passage Picker:  Select a passage that illustrates each of the following:

                        1 simile, 1 onomatopoeia, 1 descriptive

Discussion Director:  Your job is to prepare 5 thinking questions about the problems             between Judy and Stink or Judy's predictions.  Write down the answer and the page and paragraph where you found the answer.    

Word Wizard:  Make word wizard cards for two of the following words and complete the  vocabulary exercises using the words you chose: 

                        predicted p. 14, barged p. 10, glared p. 10                         











Have you ever?  

        Describe a time when you might use the word glared.  Why might you glare at someone?  Why might your mother or father glare at you?  Why might Miss Stanford glare at you?

        Describe a time when you might use the word barged.  Why might you barge into a room?  Why might you barge in on someone else? 

        Describe a time when you might use the word convince.  What kinds of things do people try to convince you of?  What do you try to convince others to do?   

Internet Investigator:  Judy wraps a towel around her head to look like a turban when she is trying to predict something.  What is a turban?  Click on the link below and learn more about turbans and why they wear them.

Turban Website 1.)What is a turban made out of?  2.)Why do they wear them?  3.)When do they wear them?  4.)Write down two facts about turbans found on the website.

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